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InCHIP has a twenty-year history of supporting research in the behavioral and social health sciences at UConn. We offer a variety of programs, services, and resources to UConn health researchers free of charge.  InCHIP support falls into three interconnected areas - Research Training and Development, Team Science and Collaboration, and Grants Management.

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Research Training and  Development

InCHIP helps researchers move their research ideas to funded projects through one-on-one consultations, mentorship, pilot funding, and grant writing training. Listed below are a few of the programs available. You can learn more about all of InCHIP's services here.

Internal Funding Opportunities

InCHIP hosts several annual seed grant competitions. These seed grants provide pilot funding to investigators to stimulate new health research at UConn that ultimately leads to external funding.

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Grant Writing Training

InCHIP is currently offering one program aimed at helping faculty and postdocs write NIH grants: the R-Series Boot Camp led by Seth Kalichman Psychological Sciences).

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Proposal Feedback

Prior to submitting an external grant, InCHIP can provide feedback on grant proposals through the Grant Proposal Incubator (GPI), or can arrange and provide funds for an External Grant Review.

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Find Funding or Build Your Team

InCHIP’s Research Development Specialist can work with UConn Faculty to build a targeted list of external funding mechanisms and help researchers identify and build collaborations across UConn.

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Team Science & Collaboration:

Team science is in many ways at the heart of InCHIP’s mission – we strive to bring researchers together to develop innovative solutions to society’s most urgent health care challenges. Partnerships brokered by InCHIP span UConn departments, colleges, and campuses and represent the best of what team science has to offer – a problem-focused, solution driven perspective that allows new ideas to form at the edges of interdisciplinary fields and advances the science base through high-impact research discoveries. InCHIP can help researchers connect with other UConn-based researchers and clinicians. Listed below are a few of the programs available. To learn more about the services available click here.

Convergence Award Program

InCHIP's Convergence Awards Program is designed to prepare interdisciplinary teams at UConn to be competitive for convergence funding from NIH, NSF, and other funding agencies.

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Faculty Research Collaboration Services

InCHIP can help researchers connect with other UConn-based researchers, community-based organizations, and clinicians based on the needs of their project or team.

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InCHIP Ideas Labs

Ideas Labs are multi-day workshops held by institutions (and sometimes federal agencies) to spark creative solutions to complex problems by harnessing the collective energy of an interdisciplinary team. InCHIP works with creativity experts from KnowInnovation (KI) to implement Ideas Labs here at UConn.

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InCHIP Grant Management Services:

InCHIP Grants Management & Business Services

InCHIP’s Grants Management Team provides InCHIP affiliates with the tools needed to submit and manage externally-funded projects. InCHIP’s Pre-Award services help faculty through the entire application process. Upon being awarded, InCHIP’s Grant Management Team will assist investigators in processing the grant through the life of the grant’s award period. 

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