Pre-Award Services Form

Beginning May 5, 2021, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is enforcing its current policy on internal deadlines for the review and submission of external grant applications. For more information on this policy and its rationale, click here.

To meet these OVPR deadlines for new external grant submissions, we have updated the InCHIP timeline for PIs to make pre-award services requests, effective immediately.

InCHIP Pre-Award Services Form Submission Deadlines:

Type of Proposal

Deadline for Pre-Award Services Form

Proposals without subawards 10 Business Days before Sponsor Deadline
Proposals with subawards* 25 Business Days before Sponsor Deadline
Subaward proposals 10 Business Days before Sponsor Deadline
Resubmission proposals InCHIP Pre-Award Request form is not required. Please contact InCHIP as soon as you decide you are resubmitting your grant.

Pre-Award Services Form