Research Training & Development

Cultivate Your Research: From project to Agenda to Career

InCHIP offers easily accessible support for research and career development at no cost to UConn Faculty and students.

InCHIP is a “one-stop shop” for training, mentorship, research team development, and grant proposal writing for UConn investigators at all stages of their careers, from graduate students to tenured faculty. We offer a variety of services, including workshops, one-on-one consultations, pilot funding, and more.

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Internal Funding Opportunities

Grant Writing Training

InCHIP’s NIH R-Series Boot Camp

The R-Series Boot Camp is a multifaceted program designed to help faculty members receive their first R-series grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Senior faculty with strong track records of NIH funding will guide groups of mentees through the proposal development process, while peers will provide support and feedback.

Mentees will benefit from early input on research aims to ensure they are addressing significant, innovative, and fundable questions. They will identify needed resources and potential collaborators, and make pre-proposal contact with NIH program officers. They will learn “tricks of the trade” from UConn faculty with significant NIH experience.

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Find Funding or Build Your Team

Targeted Funding Searches

InCHIP’s Research Development Specialist can work with UConn Faculty to build a targeted list of external funding mechanisms. These funding searches can be project-specific or based on broad research agendas or career development/training needs.

Build Connections & Collaborate

InCHIP’s Research Development Specialist also provides a range of services dedicated to helping researchers build connections across UConn, and develop innovative, interdisciplinary research programs. Services include:

  • Preparing a list of possible faculty collaborators for a specific research topic or funding opportunity.
  • Providing feedback and templates for team management sections for grant proposals.
  • Conducting a review of previously funded grants in a research area.
  • Coordinating meetings with potential collaborators, and providing required technical support (e.g., conference call lines, video conferencing).
  • Providing team building support, including the development of team expectations.
  • Promoting research findings on InCHIP website and social media accounts.
  • Organizing workshops to develop research collaborations,
  • Managing the development of research teams.

If you would like to utilize any of the services listed above or have questions, please contact InCHIP’s Research Development Specialist Grace Morris, MA at

 UConn Faculty-Community Partnership Services

In addition to facilitating collaborations among faculty, InCHIP offers a variety of services to foster and support the development of equitable research partnerships between UConn researchers and community-based organizations that address important public health issues.

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Get Feedback on a Proposal

InCHIP offers two mechanisms for those interested in receiving feedback on a proposal before submission: one is internal and the other external.

Internal Review

InCHIP coordinates the review by a panel of senior investigators with intersecting expertise and significant funding experience. Internal review panels can be convened informally, they can provide feedback on a final draft of a proposal or at earlier stages of the project development process (such as during the development of specific aims). InCHIP’s research development specialist will work with you to identify and coordinate panelists who can best speak to your proposal. 

Time Considerations: It is recommended that panelists receive the proposal at least one month before the funding opportunities deadline. This allows for the panelists to read and provide recommendations on the proposal and for the proposal writer to have sufficient time to incorporate the feedback.

External Review

InCHIP also facilitates and pays for the external review of proposals. The process is pretty simple- the service user identifies someone to review their proposal and works with InCHIP’s Director to coordinate the review.  InCHIP will in turn pay an honorarium to the external party for their review.

For external review, users need to identify the reviewer. This person should be a topical expert that has ideally acted as a reviewer and has experience with the funder. For NIH-based opportunities, a good way to find someone is by using the NIH Reporter matchmaker feature. Just copy all or part of the specific aims into the text box. It will provide a list of PI’s/projects that have been funded using similar phrases/words.

Time Considerations: It is recommended that proposals be sent to external reviewers at least one month before the funding opportunities deadline. This allows the reviewer to have enough time to provide feedback and for the proposal writer to have sufficient time to incorporate the feedback.

If you would like to utilize any of the services listed above or have questions please contact Grace Morris, MA (InCHIP’s Research Development Specialist) at

Internal Funding Opportunities

InCHIP hosts several annual competitions for seed grants. The purpose of these competitions is to provide pilot and seed grant resources to investigators to stimulate new research in health behavior change at UConn of the type and quality likely to lead to additional external funding.

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