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InCHIP's Grants Management Team provides InCHIP affiliates with the tools needed to submit and manage externally-funded projects. InCHIP’s Team helps faculty through the entire application process. Upon being awarded funding, the Team assists investigators in managing the grant through the life of the grant’s award period. This includes providing help with hiring, payroll, purchasing, travel, grant renewals, and information technology management.

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InCHIP’s Grants Management team is happy to address any questions regarding InCHIP’s Grants Management Services – reach out to our Grants Manager, AnnMarie White.

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Pre-Award Services

InCHIP is committed to helping its affiliates navigate the steps involved in submitting an extramural grant application.

The primary services provided by the InCHIP Grants Management Team are to provide input, advice, and review of the following parts of the grant proposal submission:

  • Completing internal administrative and funder-based forms such as the Internal proposal routing form, Subcontract forms, and letters of intent.
  • Streamline grant application guidelines and components, including Budget, Budget justification, and Biographical Sketch.
  • Compiling, reviewing, revising, and submitting proposals and forms with an eye for compliance and interfacing with UConn’s Sponsored Program Services.

InCHIP’s Grant Management Team takes care of the administrative details of a grant application. That way, investigators can focus on writing and developing the meat of their proposals.

Getting Started:

Investigators ready to submit a grant through InCHIP's Grant Management Services must first submit a pre-award services form. This form informs the planning and implementation of all the services provided to the investigator by InCHIP's Grant Management Team.

Pre-Award Services Form


Beginning May 5, 2021, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is enforcing its current policy on internal deadlines for the review and submission of external grant applications. For more information on this policy and its rationale, click here.

To meet these OVPR deadlines for new external grant submissions, we have updated the InCHIP timeline for PIs to make pre-award services requests, effective immediately.

InCHIP Pre-Award Services Form Submission Deadlines:

Type of Proposal

Deadline for Pre-Award Services Form

Proposals without subawards 10 Business Days before Sponsor Deadline
Proposals with subawards* 25 Business Days before Sponsor Deadline
Subaward proposals 10 Business Days before Sponsor Deadline
Resubmission proposals InCHIP Pre-Award Request form is not required. Please contact InCHIP as soon as you decide you are resubmitting your grant.

Post-Award Services

InCHIP works with investigators and Sponsored Program Services (SPS) to provide efficient and accurate Post-Award services to investigators. Their support ensures that all expenses on grants comply with Federal law, sponsor’s guidelines, and University policy.

InCHIP’s Post Award Services include the following:

  • Account setup– Upon receiving an award- InCHIP will work with UConn’s Sponsored Program Services Office to establish a KFS account associated with that award. These accounts provide faculty with the ability to make purchases and pay their research staff.
  • Human Resources and Payroll- InCHIP can help funded investigators hire and pay staff through their grants.
  • Sub-award and Consultant setup– If there are any subcontracts or consultants in a project’s budget, the InCHIP Grants Management Team will work with investigators to prepare all the paperwork required for approval and walk investigators through the process. 
  • Grant Purchases– InCHIP Grant Management Team will ensure that goods and services are thoughtfully purchased to be consistent with the funding opportunity, funder, and University policies.
  • Advances for Participant Incentive Costs– InCHIP’s Grants Management Team will submit a request to SPS to set up a participant incentive account. 
  • Budget Projection Reports– The InCHIP Grants Management Team will manage budget projection reports and reconcile all expenses. They will work with PIs to plan and manage the grant’s projected expenses.
  • Progress Reports- When a grant requires a progress report or a carryover budget, the InCHIP Grants Team can help the PI to prepare the report and carryover budget to submit to the sponsor.
  • Cost Transfer Requests– For those needing to transfer a grant to or from another university, InCHIP will work with the external institution to fulfill all the requirements of UConn and the funder.
  • No Cost Extension Requests and Closeouts– Throughout a project, Grant Management will help ensure good use of grant funding. Upon completing the project, InCHIP Grant Management will help investigators with the process of closing out an award.
  • Re-Budget requests– During a project, the Principal Investigator may find it necessary to move funds between budget categories to meet project objectives. The InCHIP Grants Team processes re-budget requests to SPS.
  • Effort Reports– Effort reporting is a certification process that occurs at the end of the spring, fall, and summer semesters. Grant Management will provide investigators with certified reports. They can also provide an overview of this process
  • Travel– InCHIP Grants Team will assist investigators in processing their travel advances and expenses with relevant UConn administrative offices. Thus ensuring employees and others are reimbursed accurately and efficiently and to ensure that all travel costs are accounted.

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Research Development Services

Find Funding or Build Your Team: InCHIP’s Research Development Team can work with UConn Faculty to build a targeted list of external funding mechanisms. These funding searches can be project-specific or can be based on broad research agendas or career development/training needs.

Get Feedback on a Proposal: InCHIP offers two mechanisms for those interested in receiving feedback on a proposal before submission: one is internal and the other external.

Meet the Team

COVID-19 Services Update: InCHIP's Grant Management Team is working remotely and is available to assist you during normal business hours (please see the names below to reach the team via email).
Steven Jagielo - Director of Administration and Business Services

  • Contact Steve for any human resources, finance, or administrative related questions-  including topics related to recruitment, payroll, or hiring.

Grants Management

AnnMarie White - Grants Manager

  • As InCHIP’s grants manager, Ann manages and coordinates all pre-award services, including preparing and submission of external proposals.

Alex Doming - Grants and Contracts Specialist

  • Alex supports all pre-award services, primarily by assisting principal investigators with the administrative components of external grant proposals.

Michelle Bates- Grants and Contracts Assistant

  • Michelle supports InCHIP’s Grant Manager on Pre-Award Services.

Business Services

Lynne Hendrickson - Financial Assistant 2

  • Lynne provides support on travel and post-award services. Oversees seed grant fiscal management and provides special payroll support. 

Melanie Skolnick- Program Assistant 1

  • Melanie coordinates the lecture series and other events. She also manages the InCHIP affiliate database and listservs.

Melissa Stone - Financial Assistant 2

  • Melissa provides support for post-award services, as well as, purchasing and compliance.

Information Technology Support

Joshua Hardin - Computer Support Specialist 1
InCHIP IT services include:

  • Desktop Support
  • Application Installation
  • Remote Access Support for Faculty, Staff & Students
  • Workstation, Desktop & Mobile Platform Deployment

If you need to access InCHIP IT support, please submit requests through