Thomas Craemer, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Public Policy (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My research interests are in the domains of implicit racial attitudes and race-related policies. I am planning a project that investigates the possible impact of US aid provider’s implicit racial attitudes on health-related aid outcomes for Haitian recipients. Specifically, US aid providers would supply Haitian aid recipients without access to clean drinking water with Sawyer water filters and with training on how to use and maintain them. Expectations are that the US aid providers’ implicit racial attitudes impact training success and as a result the pathogen count in the drinking water after filtering by the Haitian recipient. Clean water is a critical public health concern in Haiti, especially in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake and the subsequent cholera epidemic.

I have used implicit racial attitude measures (Implicit Closeness to Blacks, Subliminal Race Priming, and the Implicit Association Test) in a number of studies investigating their impact on support for race-related policies like affirmative action, government aid to minorities, and slavery reparations, as well as voting intentions for Barack Obama in the 2008 elections. I have found consistently strong effects even after controlling for explicit attitudes and political as well as demographic background variables.


Ph.D.: Stony Brook University (2005)
Examination Fields: Political Psychology, American Politics, Statistical Methodology
Dissertation Title: Bridges over Troubled Waters. Racial Solidarity across the Color Line?
Committee: Charles Taber (chair), Milton Lodge, Stanley Feldman, Leonie Huddy, Arthur Aron

M.A.: Stony Brook University (2002)

Doctorate: University of Tuebingen, Germany (2001), Political Science.
Dissertation Title: Ursprung Sozialen Altruismus’ (Engl.: Origin of Social Altruism)
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Masters: University of Tuebingen, Germany (1997), Political Science, Computer Science, Russian Language (A).

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