Steven Harrison, PhD

Assistant Professor (PI)

Department of Kinesiology

Research Overview

Steven Harrison studies the dynamics of perception and action that support the capability for effectively physically interacting with the world. Dr Harrison’s research explores how the regularity of coordinated motor behavior and the informational basis of perception might be understood as complex phenomena, constrained by the multi-scale interacting dynamics of nervous-system, body, and environment. Past projects have included investigations of social coordination, and investigations of motor coordination in postural control and locomotion. He has also investigated human perceptual capabilities in the context of tool use and navigation.


PhD, 2007, Ecological Psychology, University of Connecticut
MSc, 1999, Research Methods, University of Portsmouth
BSc, 1997, Psychology, University of Portsmouth

Recent/Selected Publications

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Contact Information
Phone(860) 486.1854
Mailing Address3107 Horsebarn Hill Road
Unit 4137
Storrs, CT 06269-4137