Sandro Steinbach, PhD (Affiliate)

Assistant Professor

Agricultural and Resource Economics, College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (Affiliate)

Research Overview

(1) general interest
– study the link between environmental pollutants and human health
(2) current projects
– agricultural pesticide exposure and human health (e.g., cancer morbidity and mortality, performance)
– the link between plant pollen and pollution (big data, empirical research)
(3) past projects
– ambient air pollution human health impact
– ragweed allergies and human health


PhD, ETH Zurich 2018
MS, UC Davis, 2013
MS, Humboldt University of Berlin, 2012

Recent Publications

1. He, X. and Steinbach, S. (2020). “The Impact of Non-Occupational Pesticide Exposure on the Development and Performance of Children and Teenagers”.

2. Carter, C. and S. Steinbach (2020). “The Impact of Retaliatory Tariffs on Agricultural and Food Trade”, NBER
Working Paper, forthcoming.

3. Schaffner, U., S. Steinbach, Y. Sun, C. Skjoth, L. A. de Weger, S. T. Lommen, B. A. Augustinus, M. Bonini, G. Karrer, B. Sikoparija, M. Thibaudon, and H. Müller-Schärer (2020). “Biological Weed Control to Relieve Millions of Allergy Sufferers in Europe”, Nature Communications, 11: 1745,

4. Carter, C., and S. Steinbach (2020). “Impact of the U.S.-China Trade War on California Agriculture.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Update, 23(3): 9–11.

5. Filippini, M., G. Masiero, and S. Steinbach (2019). “The Impact of Ambient Air Pollution on Hospital Admissions.” European Journal of Health Economics, 1–13,

6. Zhu, H., A. Gupta, B. Majumder, and S. Steinbach (2018). “Short-term effects of India’s demonetization of the rural poor.” Economics Letters, 170: 117–121,

7. Zingg, D., S. Steinbach, C. Kuhlgatz, M. Rediger, G. Schüpbach, M. Aepli, G. M. Grøeng, and S. Dürr (2017). “Epidemiological and Economic Evaluation of Alternative On-Farm Management Scenarios for Ovine Footrot in Switzerland.” Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 4: 70,

8. Rybak, M., and S. Steinbach (2014). “The Impact of the Soviet Legacy on Agri-Food Trade in the Former Soviet Union.” in: Agricultural Transition in Post-Soviet Europe and Central Asia after 25 Years, pp. 189–210, Editors: A. Kimhi and Z. Lerman.

9. Ma, M., S. Steinbach, and J. Wu (2014). “A Study on Regional Specialization of China’s Agricultural Production: Recent Trends and Drivers.” Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, 4(2): 113–127.

10. Carter, C., and S. Steinbach (2013). “China’s Growing Role in Agricultural Trade.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Update, 17(1): 9–11.

11. Steinbach, S. (2012). “Soviet Heritage and Post-Soviet Economic Integration: Ukrainian Export Trade Patterns Reviewed.” Journal of Eurasian Studies, 4(4): 96-113.

Contact Information
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Agricultural and Resource Economics
1376 Storrs Road, U-4021
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