Robert Astur, PhD

Associate Professor (PI)

Department of Psychological Sciences

Research Overview

My training is in the neurobiology of memory, with particular emphasis on the hippocampus and amygdala. I have worked with rodents, monkeys, apes, and humans, and I often use tasks that are highly translational. Currently, I am working to examine which individuals are at risk for developing anxiety disorders and/or substance abuse or depression. Additionally, we are designing interventions to help those at risk or those who already have these disorders. I commonly use virtual reality scenarios to address these questions, either during fMRI or looking directly at behavior.


Yale University
Postdoctoral Associate, Diagnostic Radiology – 2002

California Institute of Technology
Postdoctoral Scholar, Biology – 2000

University of New Mexico
PhD, Behavioral Neuroscience – 2000

Georgia State University
MS, Neurobiology – 1991

University of Rochester
BS, Neuroscience – 1988

Recent/Selected Publications

Research Gate

Contact Information
Phone(203) 236-9938
Mailing Address406 Babbidge Road
Unit 1020
Storrs, CT 06269