Richard Bannor, MPH

Graduate Student and Graduate Research Assistant

Allied Health Sciences and Center for mHealth and Social Media

Research Overview

Richard is a PhD student in the Health Promotion Sciences program and a Graduate Research Assistant at the UConn Center for mHealth and Social Media under the mentorship of Dr. Sherry Pagoto. Prior to joining the program and center in 2020, he worked as a Health Service Administrator at the Ghana Health Service. His research interests include social media, digital health, health behavior, health innovation adoption, and pandemics.


Master of Public Health, University of Ghana, 2018

BSc. Administration (Health Service Administration), University of Ghana, 2015

Diploma in Accounting, University of Ghana, 2011


Recent Publications

Asare, A. K., Bannor, R., Yawson, R. M., and Bawole, J. N. (202X). Healthcare System Innovation – The Case of Adoption of Telemedicine in Ghana. Int. J. Business and Systems Research, Vol. XX, No. X, pp XX.–XX.

Bannor, R., Asare, A. K., Sackey S. O., Osei-Yeboah, R., Nortey, P. A., Bawole, J. N., & Ansah, V., (2020). Sleeping Space Matters: LLINs Usage in Ghana. Pathogens and Global Health, Vol. 114, No. 5, pp. 271-278.

Asare, A. K., Chowdhury, T. G., Norberg, P., Kang, J., & Bannor, R. (2019). Magnitude matters: the impact of pandemic threat perceptions on the effectiveness of health message framing across countries. Global Advances in Business Communication: Vol. 8, Article 2.

Osei-Yeboah, R., Adedze, M., Bannor, R., Opoku E. T. & Akweongo, P. (2019). HIV prevalence variations in mining communities in Ghana. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, Volume 18, Issue 2.

Bannor, R., Asare, A. K. & Bawole, J. N. (2017). Effectiveness of social media for communicating health messages in Ghana. Health Education Journal. Vol. 117 Issue: 4, pp.342-371,

Richard Bannor
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