Nicola Bulled, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Virginia (Affiliate)

Research Overview

Recognizing the discord that often exists between the claims, directives, and prerogatives of the global ‘expert’ and locals directly engaged or affected by the health issue, my research has examined responses to competing and often contradictory HIV prevention messages in Lesotho, a country with one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the world. Whose agendas are represented in dominant discursive spaces? Whose voices are privileged within such spaces, and whose voices are erased from these spaces? How can we offer opportunities for dialogue that engage with marginalized sectors? The very requirements of certain skill sets and knowledge about discursive procedures in dominant platforms keep these platforms inaccessible. Professional aid workers with their claims of expertise and material leverage only further separate the marginalized from spaces where they can contribute to communications about issues that directly impact their existence. I aim to continue to examine how global HIV directives are received by target communities, and to work towards both promoting and engaging in equitable local-global-local public health and development collaborations. For example, examining the impact of new HIV prevention technologies, including medical male circumcision and Pre-Exposure Prophylactics (PrEP).


Honors Bachelor of Science, 2002, Biology, Colorado State University
Masters in Public Health, 2005, International Health, Boston University School of Public Health
PhD, 2012, Anthropology, University of Connecticut
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2014, Interdisciplinary, University of Virginia, Center for Global Health

Recent Publications

Contact Information
Mailing AddressUniversity of Virginia
School of Medicine
Center for Global Health
P.O. Box 800822
Charlottesville, VA 22908