Matthew C Sullivan

Graduate Student

Psychological Sciences

Research Overview

I am a current predoctoral trainee on the NIMH T32 Social Processes of HIV Fellowship housed at InCHIP. I am interested in reducing the health burdens and disparities associated with HIV by promoting increased engagement in mental health care and substance abuse treatment programs. I hope to produce research that facilitates integration of mental health and SUD treatment with HIV care to promote sexual risk reduction and ART adherence. My current research applies multilevel modeling to examine the proximate (event-level) determinants of sexual risk behaviors such as condomless vaginal and anal intercourse in people living with HIV. In particular, I am examining the roles of substance use and HIV serostatus disclosure in determining sexual risk behavior. Other current research includes an examination of psychosocial predictors of medication adherence and rehospitalization in adult and adolescent psychiatric inpatients (including substance use detoxification treatment). My previous research experiences as a research assistant at Tufts Medical Center in Boston include coordinating clinical trial research for psychopharmacological treatments for bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, as well as meta-analytic comparative effectiveness research for chronic illness (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis) treatments.


B.A., Williams College, 2011
Psychology; English

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