Katherine Gnall

Graduate Student

Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychological Sciences

Research Overview

My research interests include mind-body practices for the management of mental/physical symptoms of chronic illnesses, as well as the role of interoception in mind-body interventions. I also have interest in understanding predictors of engagement health-promoting behaviors, with a particular interest in dietary habits, physical activity engagement, and stress management practices. Prior to joining the UConn community, I worked as a research assistant at the National Center for PTSD. Currently, I am working as a graduate research assistant on two NIH-funded projects: a University of Connecticut and Yale Cancer Center collaborative NCI-funded study on resilience trajectories among cancer survivors as they transition from active treatment to survivorship, and an NCCIH-funded RCT examining physical activity interventions for chronic low back pain.


B.A. – University of Massachusetts Amherst, Major: Psychology, 2017


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Gnall, K. & Taft, C.T. (2018, July). Intimate partner conflict, emotions, and health. Poster presentation at the International Family Violence and Child Victimization Conference, Portsmouth, NH.

Contact Information
Mailing Address406 Babbidge Rd.
Storrs, CT