Jennifer Dineen, PhD

Program Director, Graduate Program in Survey Research, Public Policy (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My academic training and years of experience designing and conducting quantitative and qualitative studies have resulted in a body of work that spans topic areas and populations including those related to child well-being. I have conducted research with parent populations on topics such as access to mental health care, school choice, and curricular changes. Recently, as co-PI of a grant from the Institute for Educational Sciences I have begun to work in research regarding school-based mental health practices in public school districts in the United States. I am a member of CSCH steering committee and will provide methodological consulting for projects that have been secured and for proposals to secure future funding in areas under CSCH. I am also interested in working to secure additional funding to continue work in school-based mental health policy.


Marist College, BA in Political Science 1993

University of Connecticut, MA in Political Science 1994

Universirt of Connecticut, PhD in Political Science 2001

Featured Publications

Bromberg, D., Dineen, J.N. & Smith, Andrew. (2014). It Doesn’t Add Up: The Persuasive Power of Partisanship over the Running Tally. (under review, Social Science Quarterly)

Dineen, Jennifer & Kafka, S. M., Robbins, M., & Simonsen, W. (2013). Question Wording Effects and Bias in Measures of Citizen Budget Preferences.(under review, Social Science Journal)

Craemer, Thomas & Dineen, J.N. (2013). Total Survey Error Framework for Post Disaster Surveys: Lessons Learned in Post-Earthquake Haiti. Unpublished paper presented at the 66th Annual Meeting of the World Association for Public Opinion Research.

Dineen, Jennifer & Ross, A. E. (2011) Government and Sport Policy: The Implications for Problem Recognition and Agenda Setting. Unpublished paper presented at the New England Political Science Association Annual Conference.

Dineen, Jennifer. Motivations and Barriers for Child Behavioral Health Services among Husky Insurance Users. A study for the Behavioral Health Oversight Partnership, Department of Children and Families Committee. March 2007.

Dineen, Jennifer. Part of the Community: Public Perceptions of Community Human Service Providers in Connecticut. A study conducted for The Connecticut Community Providers Association. October 2006.

Dineen, Jennifer. Considerations in High School Selection: Factors that determine school choice for CT eight graders and their parents. A study for the Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy. December 2003.

Dautrich, Ken and Jennifer Necci Dineen (1999). “When Is a Poll Newsworthy?”, pp. 11-13 in Covering Poll: A Handbook for Journalists. Media Studies Center, Publication 99-M09. URL:

Flavin-McDonald, Catherine, Damon Higgins, Jennifer Necci Dineen and Martha McCoy. Study Circles: Racism and Race Relations Year 1 – 1997: A Report on the Focus Groups. (Pomfret, CT. Study Circles Resource Center: 1998).

Dautrich, Kenneth and Jennifer Necci Dineen, “Media Bias: What Journalists and the Public. Say About It,” The Public Perspective (October/November 1996) 7-10.

Contact Information
Mailing AddressDepartment of Public Policy
1800 Asylum Ave, 4th Floor
West Hartford, CT 06117