Derek Aguiar, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Research Overview

Dr. Aguiar’s research interests involve developing machine learning methods in the genomics and biomedical domains, including Bayesian nonparametric admixture modelling of gene transcripts, clustering human DNA sequences, and predicting gene expression. Additionally, he leads interdisciplinary data science projects with (a) the Law School on predicting civil motion outcomes to reduce the litigation disadvantages faced by vulnerable groups, (b) the Statistics Department on estimating opioid use disorder risk from mobility data, and (c) Eversource Energy on predicting customer outages from mesonet data.


MS, Computer Science Brown University 2010
PhD, Computer Science Brown University 2014

Recent/Selected Publications

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Contact Information
Phone(508) 642-8082
Mailing Address371 Fairfield Way
Unit 4155
Storrs Mansfield, CT 06269