Caitlin Caspi, ScD

Associate Professor, Allied Health Sciences

Rudd Center

Research Overview

Caitlin Caspi, ScD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Allied Health Sciences and serves as the Director of Food Security Initiatives at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. She joined the Department of Allied Health Sciences as Associate Professor in 2020, coming from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. Dr. Caspi is a social epidemiologist with a research interest in evaluating policies and interventions addressing the social determinants of health, particularly diet and obesity. She currently serves as the Principal Investigator on two NIH R01 studies addressing food insecurity and diet-related health disparities. The first is a group-randomized study evaluating the impact a behavioral economic intervention (SuperShelf) in food pantries on dietary outcomes of adults experiencing food insecurity. The second is a natural experiment testing the effect of the Minneapolis Minimum Wage Ordinance, which incrementally raises the minimum wage in Minneapolis to $15 an hour, on diet-related measures and obesity.


ScD Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 2012
ScM Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 2008

Recent Publications

Caspi CE, Winkler MR, Lenk KM, Harnack LJ, Erickson DJ, Laska MN. Store and neighborhood differences in retailer compliance with a local staple foods ordinance. BMC Public Health, 2020;20(1):172.

Laska MN, Caspi CE, Lenk K, Moe SG, Pelletier JE, Harnack LJ, Ericson DJ. Evaluation of the first U.S. staple foods ordinance: Impact on nutritional quality of small and non-traditional food store offerings, customer purchases and home food environments. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 2019; 16(1):83.

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Caspi CE, Kawachi I, Subramanian SV, Sorensen G. The food environment and diet: A systematic review. Health and Place 2012; 18 :1172–1187.


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