Anna Tarakanova, PhD

Assistant Professor (PI)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

Our research focuses on advancing molecular and multiscale modeling methods to study the structure, function and mechanics of biological systems and biological and bioinspired materials. We develop computational methods for the design and characterization of novel functional materials from the nanoscale for medical and engineering applications, drawing inspiration from natural design principles. We also investigate new characterization approaches for highly disordered molecules and associated self-assembly principles, related functions and implications for health and disease. Our work aims to expose disease mechanisms from a fundamental scale into structural and functional hierarchies associated with complex biological systems.

I am currently participating in an InCHIP project. My research is involved in fundamental materials science related to biological materials and human systems, and it aims to develop novel applications for positive health outcomes starting from the molecular scale and building up.


PhD, MIT, 2017

Recent/Selected Publications

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Contact Information
Phone(860) 486-5463
Mailing Address191 Auditorium Road
Unit 3139
Storrs, CT 06269-3139