Interprofessional Healthcare Research Interest Group


The Interprofessional Healthcare Research Interest Group (IPH RIG) is a meeting place for UConn researchers interested in patient-centered interprofessional (IP) health research and expanding collaboration and teamwork in healthcare. The term “interprofessional” refers to opportunities and experiences that involve more than one profession (e.g., pharmacy and nursing) instead of “interdisciplinary,” which may involve collaboration among different disciplines or specialties within the same profession (e.g., internal medicine and dermatology).

The IPH RIG’s mission is to (1) build upon existing IPH programmatic and educational research, (2) develop new and innovative evidence-based strategies to improve IPH and patient outcomes, and (3) provide opportunities for health professional students to engage in IPH-related research experiences in patient care settings, research laboratories, and/or broader communities. The group includes members from a range of departments and schools across all UConn campuses, as well as from local healthcare facilities, and community organizations.

The IPH RIG meets periodically throughout the year and co-sponsors IPH-related talks as part of the InCHIP Lecture Series. In addition, the RIG organizes and sponsors a variety of events and activities dedicated to achieving its mission.


The IPH RIG is led by:

Michelle Judge, PhD, RD, CD-N
Co-Chair, Interprofessional Healthcare Research Interest Group
Associate Professor, School of Nursing


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