Aging Research Interest Group


Newly created and currently directed by Terry Berthelot, MSW, JD, members of the Aging RIG are interested in studying the impact of aging on the individual, family, and society. Our goals include research collaboration, cross-disciplinary engagement, and meaningful conversation with law and policy makers.

Aging impacts our bodies, our families, and our communities. And it raises complex questions that are bigger than any one discipline: from medical questions about how aging affects health; to legal, policy, and sociological questions about the economy, long-term care, and the right to die; to philosophical questions about the meaning of age itself. The aging of the U.S. population means that these questions are more pressing than ever. Now is the time to ensure our research scholarship is enacted into law and policy that will ultimately positively impact the lives of our aged population, including our grandparents, our mothers, our fathers, and ourselves.

Leadership Team

Terry Berthelot, MSW, JD
Assistant Professor In-Residence
Human Development & Family Studies
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