Graduate Students

List of People
Elizabeth AdamsGraduate Student, Kinesiology
William AdamsGraduate Student, Kinesiology
Tanjila AhmedGraduate Student, Allied Health
Aerielle AllenGraduate Student, Psychology
Garrett AshGraduate Student, Kinesiology (Affiliate)
Soniya AssudaniGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Eleanor BeltzGraduate Student, Kinesiology
Margaret BennettGraduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)
Adam BlanchardGraduate Student, Kinesiology
Kathryn BradburyGraduate Student, Psychology
Marie BraultGraduate Student, Anthropology (Affiliate)
Tosca BraunGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Jenn BudenGraduate Student, Allied Health Sciences (Affiliate)
Kaylee BurnhamGraduate Student, Psychology
Eric CaracuzziGraduate Student, Physical Therapy
Yiyun ChenGraduate Student, Psychology
Shawn CherianGraduate Student, Allied Health
Dalnim ChoGraduate Student, Psychology
Megan ClarkeGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Ailton ColemanGraduate Student, Public Health (Affiliate)
Richard ColonGraduate Student, Anthropology (Affiliate)
Talea CorneliusGraduate Student, Social Psychology (Affiliate)
Rebecca CyrGraduate Student, Physical Therapy
Rashmi DahalGraduate Student, Allied Health
Steven DaviGraduate Student, Kinesiology (Affiliate)
Andrea DePetrisGraduate Student Affiliate, Clinical Psychology
Ana F. DialloGraduate Student, School of Nursing (Affiliate)
Riddhi DoshiGraduate Student, Community Medicine (Affiliate)
Yinghui DuanGraduate Student, Community Medicine and Health Care, UConn Health (Affiliate)
Christianne M. EasonGraduate Student, Kinesiology (Affiliate)
Kimberly EmbacherGraduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)
Chelsea FentonGraduate Student, Physical Therapy
David FinitsisGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Stephanie FinneranGraduate Student, Psychology
Chanee FordGraduate Student, Human Development & Family Studies (Affiliate)
Jaime FosterGraduate Student, Nutritional Sciences (Affiliate)
Marissa GarciaGraduate Student, Allied Health (Affiliate)
Katelyn GettensGraduate Student, Psychology
David GlennGraduate Student, Center for Public Health and Health Policy (Affiliate)
Sarah-Grace GlennonGraduate Student, Allied Health
Brett GosheGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Ian GutierrezGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Nusrat Nuireen HabibGraduate Student, Allied Health (Affiliate)
Amy HaleGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Emily HayesGraduate Student, Physical Therapy
Dominica HernandezGraduate Student, Psychology
Tracy HicksGraduate Student, Physical Therapy
Jessica Hoag, MPHGraduate Student, Community Medicine & Healthcare, UConn Health (Affiliate)
C. Leah HolmesGraduate Student, Social Work (Affiliate)
Nathaniel HuttGraduate Student, Physical Therapy
Jennifer HydeGraduate Student, Kinesiology
Laura JosephGraduate Student, Nutritional Sciences (Affiliate)
Ji Yeon JungGraduate Student, Psychology
Michail KastelloriziosPostdoctoral Fellow, Pharmaceutical Sciences (Affiliate)
Maninderjit Kaur, MSGraduate Student, Kinesiology (Affiliate)
Jessica M. LaCroixGraduate Student, Psychology
Lauren LambertiGraduate Student, Kinesiology
Sharon LeeGraduate Student, Psychology
Yen-I LeeGraduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)
Shani LegoreGraduate Student, Rudd Center (Affiliate)
Erin M. LenzGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Shir LermanGraduate Student, Anthropology (Affiliate)
Robert E. LowGraduate Student, Psychology
Tao (Jennifer) MaGraduate Student, Communication Sciences
Hayley V. MacDonaldResearch Assistant, Kinesiology (Affiliate)
Justin MahalakGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Jessica MaksutGraduate Student, Human Development & Family Studies
Jessica C. MartinezGraduate Assistant, Kinesiology (Affiliate)
Paige MartinezGraduate Student, Psychology
Erin McConnellGraduate Student, Physical Therapy
Donald McMenemyGraduate Student, Electrical Engineering (Affiliate)
Qian MengGraduate Student
Alexandra M. MerceronGraduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)
Christina MignanoGraduate Student, Allied Health Sciences (Affiliate)
Courtney MuscatGraduate Student, Physical Therapy/Kinesiology
Alexandra PalmisanoGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Gregory PanzaGraduate Student, Kinesiology
Yvonne PattersonGraduate Student, Social Work (Affiliate)
Katherine PearceGraduate Student, Physical Therapy
Jennifer PellowskiGraduate Student, Psychology
Giselle PerezGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Alefiyah PishoriGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Ambyre PonivasGraduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)
Devon PriceGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Riana PryorGraduate Student, Kinesiology
J. Luke Pryor, MSGraduate Student, Kinesiology (Affiliate)
Adam RainearGraduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)
Shristi RawalGraduate Student, Allied Health (Affiliate)
Kristen E. RileyGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Hayley RootGraduate Student, Kinesiology (Affiliate)
Lisa M. Rusch, MS, CESGraduate Research Assistant, Kinesiology (Affiliate)
Melanie SavelliGraduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)
Samantha ScarneoGraduate Student, Kinesiology
Anna S. ScherrGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Nilani ShankarGraduate Student, Educational Psychology
Mastaneh SharafiGraduate Student, Nutritional Sciences (Affiliate)
Julia ShookGraduate Student, Allied Health Sciences (Affiliate)
Roman ShresthaResearch Assistant, Community Medicine & Health Care (Affiliate)
Elizabeth SiembidaGraduate Student, Psychology
Julia SimonGraduate Student, Allied Health Sciences (Affiliate)
Erin StrautsGraduate Student, Psychology (Affiliate)
Hyungyu SuhGraduate Student, Kinesiology
Emily TuthillGraduate Student, Nursing (Affiliate)
Rachel VollmerGraduate Student, Nutritional Sciences (Affiliate)
Kayla VosburghGraduate Student, Allied Health Sciences
Erin B. WaggonerGraduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)
Lesley WillisGraduate Student, Kinesiology
Alison Wong, PhDGraduate Student, Human Development & Family Studies (Affiliate)
Yin WuGraduate Student, Kinesiology (Affiliate)
Liping Xiao, MD, PhDGraduate Student, Psychiatry, UConn Health (Affiliate)
Xiaowen XuGraduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)
Amanda ZaleskiGraduate Student, Kinesiology