Rebecca Acabchuk, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow (PI)

Department of Psychological Sciences

Research Interests

My research interests include yoga and mindfulness-based programs to improve mental health, resilience, and self-compassion. I use advanced, meta-analytic techniques to evaluate cognitive, emotional and self-related mechanisms of mind-body interventions, and conduct RCTs to evaluate implementation strategies for lasting behavior change, with the goal of reaching a diverse audience. As a member of the SHARP Lab, I am part of a large multi-site NIH-sponsored initiative, The Science of Behavior Change (SOBC), which aims to better understand what helps people make healthy behavior change, and actually stick to it. I also have research experience in neurogenesis and concussions, and recently completed the first-ever meta-analysis on yoga, meditation and mindfulness-based interventions for concussion rehabilitation.


PhD, University of Connecticut, 2016

Recent/Selected Publications

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Contact Information
Phone(860) 486-2902
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