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Intervention design Mixed methods research Theory supporting behavioral interventions Development of conceptual and logic models Intervention mapping Recruitment and retention Intervention implementation and Fidelity monitoring Intervention evaluation Intervention dissemination Interface between biological and behavioral issues Development of culturally-based interventions Single Subject Study Design Group Study Design Behavior change strategies to increase implementation Policy Evaluation
Name Bray, Melissa X X X
Ghosh, Debarchana X X X
Harel, Ofer X X X X
Leahey, Tricia X X X X
Litt, Mark X X X X X X X
McGrath, Jacqueline X X X X X X X X
Mobley, Amy X X X X
Sanetti, Lisa X X X X X X
Schensul, Stephen X X X X X X X
Schwartz, Marlene X X X X
Shelton, Deborah X X X X X X X X X