Principal Investigators: Jeffrey Fisher, Ph.D. & Deborah Cornman, Ph.D.

Brief overview

OPTIONS is a brief, physician-delivered intervention designed to reduce sex- and drug-related HIV risk behavior among HIV-positive individuals receiving care in HIV treatment settings.


Adult men and women living with HIV/AIDS

Core components of intervention


Physicians were able to successfully implement the Options program into their routine care visits and patients viewed the Options program positively (Fisher et al., 2004).  The original evaluation study included 497 individuals living with HIV/AIDS and effects were assessed by comparing participants receiving Options to participants receiving standard of care (i.e., no behavioral risk counseling).  At an 18-month follow-up assessment, participants receiving Options reported significantly fewer acts of unprotected vaginal, anal, and oral sex compared to baseline and compared to participants who did not receive Options (Fisher et al., 2006).

Implementation History

Options has been adopted as one of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Promising Evidence Interventions.  Options has been implemented in New York State and has also demonstrated efficacy in South Africa (Cornman et al., 2011; Cornman et al., 2008).

Contact info

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Deborah Cornman, Ph.D.
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