HIV Prevention Intervention with Indian Truck Drivers

Principal Investigators:  Jeffrey Fisher, Ph.D. & Deborah Cornman, Ph.D.

Brief Overview

This program is a theory-based HIV risk behavior change intervention specifically targeting Indian truck drivers, a group that engages in very high rates of HIV sexual risk behavior.


Adult male Indian truck drivers

Core Components of Intervention

  • Mode of Delivery and Duration:  1-session, 4-hour long group workshop conducted by 2 master’s level facilitators
  • Setting:  Rest areas for truckers (i.e., lorry sheds) in Chennai, India
  • Theoretical Basis:  Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills (IMB) model of behavior change (Fisher & Fisher, 1992)
  • Materials Available:  None


The original evaluation study included 250 male truck drivers and effects were assessed by comparing participants receiving the IMB intervention to participants receiving an information-only control condition.  Individuals in the IMB condition reported more positive attitudes towards and stronger norms and intentions for condom use with marital partners, but not non-marital partners, post-intervention compared to individuals in the control condition.  Further, at a 10-month follow-up, participants in the IMB condition were less likely to have had sex with a commercial sex worker, reported fewer total number of non-marital sex partners, and reported greater condom use with martial partners compared to individuals in the control condition (Cornman et al., 2007).

Implementation History


Contact Info

Deborah Cornman, Ph.D.
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Phone: 860.486.4645

Jeffrey Fisher, Ph.D.
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