Easy Breathing

Principal Investigator:  Michelle M. Cloutier, MD

Brief Overview

Easy Breathing is an asthma management program designed to improve the quality of asthma management by translating the national asthma guidelines into a usable format for primary care practitioners.


All individuals older than six months of age, of both genders and any ethnicity

Core Components of Intervention

  • Mode of Delivery and Duration:  The program consists of five validated tools that are used during a typical office visit to assist clinicians in identifying and classifying asthma severity, developing appropriate medication regimens, and dispensing written treatment plans.
  • Setting:  Primary care practice setting (Connecticut, and other states, U.S.)
  • Setting:  University medical center
  • Theoretical Basis:  Social Cognitive, Motivational, Implementation Intent (BMC Health Services Research, 2003)
  • Materials Available:  Training binder and program tools


Efficacy studies  (Easy Breathing decreases hospitalizations by 34%, ER visits for asthma by 31%, and urgent care outpatient visits by 19% with a return on investment for Medicaid of $3.58 per child with asthma per year (Cloutier, Grosse, Wakefield, Nurmagambetov, & Brown, 2009; Cloutier, Hall, Wakefield, & Bailit, 2005;  Cloutier & Wakefield, 2001; Cloutier, Wakefield, Sangeloty-Higgins, Delaronde, & Hall, 2006.)

Implementation History

The program began in 1997 in Hartford and then expanded to include private practices in the Greater Hartford area in 2000.  In 2002 with funding from the State of Connecticut Tobacco Settlement Fund, the program expanded to five communities in Connecticut, and in 2007 the program went statewide.  Easy Breathing is now in seven other states.

Contact Information

Michelle M. Cloutier, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics
University of Connecticut Health Center
Director, Asthma Center
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
282 Washington Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Tel: 860 545-9442
Email: mclouti@ccmckids.org