Intervention Resources

Implementation of InCHIP-Based Research: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice

InCHIP researchers have created numerous evidence-based practices and interventions that span a wide array of behavioral health domains. Many have been disseminated throughout the U.S. and around the world. Our goal is to increase widespread dissemination and implementation of these interventions and innovations in order to improve public health. Please visit the fact sheets below to learn more about these interventions. Please also visit our Dissemination & Implementation Resources page for further information about implementation practices.

HIV/AIDS: Prevention/treatment among HIV+ individuals

Healthy Relationships (Kalichman)

Intervention to Close the Digital Divide (Kalichman)

LifeWindows (Fisher)

NIA: A Program of Purpose (Kalichman)

Options (Fisher & Cornman)

Positive Living Using Safety (PLUS) (Copenhaver)

South Africa Options (Fisher)


Easy Breathing (Cloutier)

Exercise Science

Prescription for Post-Exercise Hypotension (Pescatello)

Substance Abuse

Network Support Project (Litt)