Public Policy Analysis

University research should influence public policy, but it can only do so if research results are turned into effective policy materials that legislators, regulators, and advocates can use.



Roberta R. Friedman, ScM
Public Health Policy Consultant

As Director of Public Policy at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity for over eight years, Ms. Friedman has extensive experience in translating research into local, state, and federal policy. Ms. Friedman is now a private consultant and can work with you to create a policy component for your research grants, collaborate on the development of policy materials (such as briefs, fact sheets, and testimony) that educate policymakers and advocates on your findings, and help incorporate your work into evidence-based policy-making.

This researcher has expressed her willingness to serve as a consultant or as an investigator on a grant. It is up to you, the researcher, to determine whether her skills are a good match to the needs of your research.