Dissemination and Implementation Science

Much of InCHIP’s work is focused on advancing the dissemination and implementation (D&I) of evidence-based health practices to improve human well-being.



Nancy H. Covell, PhD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology
Columbia University Medical Center

Dr. Covell’s research focuses on mental health services policy and implementation of evidence-based practices designed for people with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. She has worked with state public mental health system partners for nearly 20 years to implement evidence-based treatments and incentivize training and participation in implementation supports, used a learning management system to launch and track participation in training and implementation supports and conduct evaluations of interventions, and developed highly interactive online training materials. Dr. Covell has presented papers and workshops at regional, national, and international conferences on topics including integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders, effectiveness of antipsychotic medications, implementation science, and evidence-based practices.


Alicia G. Dugan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Division of Occupation & Environmental Medicine
University of Connecticut Health Center

A key theme of Dr. Dugan’s research is the development and translation of health interventions that improve well-being. Much of her research is dedicated to designing interventions that are efficacious in improving health, often using a participatory approach that involves end-users as collaborators. Dr. Dugan’s interventions have targeted improvements in stress, obesity, and sleep using such mechanisms as education, social support, community resources, and policy change. Her research additionally centers on applying knowledge from D&I to ensure interventions will be successfully applied and widely diffused in real-world settings. In Chaudior, Dugan, and Barr (2013), Dr. Dugan and colleagues published a five-level framework and measures compendium that increases researcher capacity to conceptualize and measure implementation-related constructs. Dr. Dugan has served as a consultant on several grant applications and manuscripts that assess determinants of implementation success.



Kim M. Gans, PhD, MPH
Human Development and Family Studies
University of Connecticut

Dr. Gans has 30 years of experience in intervention development and evaluation research in community-based settings to improve diet, physical activity and/or weight. The majority of this research has been with ethnic minority, low income and/or low literate populations. One emphasis of Dr. Gans’ work is on translational research to study the dissemination of effective interventions to various community and clinical settings. She has had three R18s (5 year translational research grants) from NIH and has extensive experience conducting cluster randomized trials. Dr. Gans has also led several projects where she trained health care providers to improve their health promotion and disease prevention approaches with patients. She has attended several NIH training workshops on dissemination and implementation research.



Lisa M.H. Sanetti, PhD, BCBA-D
Associate Professor
Neag School of Education
University of Connecticut

Dr. Sanetti’s research focuses on inner contextual factors during the active implementation of innovations primarily in school, home, and community settings. More specifically, through her grant-funded research, Dr. Sanetti has developed differentiated supports and data-based decision-making models to facilitate the initial and maintained implementation of innovations. Dr. Sanetti is evaluating the psychometric properties of self-report assessment methods to facilitate implementation data collection. She received her PhD in educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she obtained advanced training in prevention science.


These researchers have indicated their willingness to serve as consultants or as investigators on grants. It is up to you, the researcher, to determine whether their skills are a workable match to the needs of your research.

Dissemination and Implementation Resources

If you are looking for more general information about dissemination and implementation science, the resources below might be helpful: