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Lifestyle Eating and Activity Program (LEAP)

Name of dataset Lifestyle Eating and Activity Program (LEAP)
Type of study (e.g., survey, trial, cohort) Randomized controlled trial
Brief description of data collected (2-3 sentences) LEAP was a NIH-funded 18 month randomized controlled trial comparing a standard behavioral weight loss program to a comprehensive home environment weight loss program for overweight and obese adults in the Greater Providence area.
Format of dataset (e.g., SPSS, SAS, Excel) SPSS
Data collection method (e.g., survey, interviews) Questionnaires and home visits at 0, 6, and 18 months
Type of data (e.g., quantitative, qualitative) Quantitative
Content of data collected Broad range of measures including objectively measured heights and weights; dietary intake via the Block Food Frequency questionnaire; physical activity via the Paffenbarger; depression symptoms; quality of life; social support; home food and exercise environment; neighborhood environment
Number of participants in dataset 201 participant-partner dyads
Description of population (e.g., gender, race, risk factors) and setting (e.g., clinic, workplace, school) Overweight and obese adults – 36.4 kg/m2
48.9+10.5 years; 78.1% women; 82.4% Caucasian
Intervention delivered in an academic research clinic
Data collection period 2005-2009
Available geographical information (e.g., zip code, census track, region, nation) Greater Providence – zip code available for all participants
Manuscripts published with this dataset Gorin, A. A., Phelan, S., Raynor, H. A., & Wing,R. R.  (2011).  Home food and exercise environments of normal-weight and overweight adults.  American Journal of Health Behavior, 35, 618-626.

Gorin, A. A., Raynor, H. A.,Fava, J., Maguire, K., Ferguson, E.,Trautvetter, J., Crane, M., & Wing, R. R. (2013).  Randomized controlled trial of a comprehensive home environment-focused weight-loss program for adults.  Health Psychology, 32, 128-37

Gorin, A. A., Powers, T. A., Koestner, R., & Raynor, H. A. (in press).  Autonomy support and weight loss outcomes.  Health Psychology.

Is a codebook available? Data are labeled within SPSS
Contact information for principal investigator Amy Gorin, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology/InCHIP