Publications and Journals


  • Volume 3, Issue 3 of Transnational Behavioral Medicine This is not a specific publication, but contains a list of useful articles, many of which involve mHealth/eHealth.


The following is a list of resources that publish articles within the realm of eHealth/mHealth. The list is divided into three categories: (1) eHealth/mHealth contains journals that are specifically tailored to these topics; (2) Communications/Informatics contains journals in these fields that have published eHealth/mHealth research, and (3) General/Other contains more widespread health and medical journals that publish eHealth/mHealth research.

Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list.

(1) eHealth/mHealth

  • Journal of Medical Internet Research

Impact Factor: 4.7

This open access journal exclusively focuses on eHealth/mHealth, and has the highest impact factor for journals specifically tailored to this field. Major themes within this journal include consumer/patient empowerment, participatory healthcare, and the evaluation of use of mobile/Internet-based emerging technologies. JMIR has a continuous publication format in which new articles are published daily.

  • Telemedicine and e-Health

Impact Factor: 1.4

This journal publishes articles that focus on the advances and clinical applications of telemedicine and the management of electronic health records. New issues are published monthly.

  • Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

Impact Factor: 1.467

JTT covers developments in telemedicine and e-Health and draws articles from a varying mix of countries and healthcare systems. New issues are published on a monthly basis.

  • International Journal of Electronic Healthcare

Impact Factor: Unavailable

This journal’s focus lies within the realm of electronic health in how it applies in the day to day administration in hospitals (e.g. medical records, management, e-pharmacy, etc.). It also includes publications that examine e-Health’s role for patients, providers, and payers and the cultural, social, and political issues within e-Health. Publications are released quarterly.

  • International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management

Impact Factor: Unavailable

This journal focuses mainly on healthcare economics in relation to new technologies. It is published quarterly.

  • Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine

Impact Factor: Unavailable

This is an open-access medical journal that publishes research on the various uses of mobile technology in medicine.

(2) Communications/Informatics

  • Informatics for Health and Social Care

Impact Factor: 1.273

This journal publishes scientific papers, case studies, and literature reviews that examine informatics in relation to the many contexts of care. The direct and indirect use of personal information is one of the journal’s central foci.

  • International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics

Impact Factor: Unavailable

This quarterly publication is geared towards both practitioners and academic researchers and focuses on technological innovations and applications in informatics in the healthcare industry. Some of the specific topics covered include IT security and privacy issues, management of emerging healthcare technologies, e-health and m-health, and virtual health technologies.

  • Journal of Health Communication

Impact Factor: 2.079

This monthly journal takes an international perspective on the communication of health information.  It incorporates research within health literacy, social marketing, global health, and interpersonal and mass media communications, among many other topics.

  • Methods of Information in Medicine

Impact Factor: 1.6

This journal focuses on the methods and scientific fundamentals of informatics in biomedicine and healthcare. Issues are published bimonthly.

  • BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

Impact Factor: 1.60

This open access journal publishes work that examines all aspects of health information technologies, including both their development and evaluation. Publication occurs continuously online.

  • International Journal of Medical Informatics

Impact Factor: 2.061

This open access journal publishes online continuously. The journal’s foci include healthcare related information systems and organizational, economical, social, ethical, and cost-benefit aspects of IT applications in healthcare.

(3) General/Other

  • Preventive Medicine

Impact Factor: 3.496

This monthly journal focuses on applied research in health prevention, publishing articles covering topics such as health education, risk screening, public health planning, and lifestyle related diseases.

  • Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Impact Factor: 5.4

This international public health journal publishes monthly and focuses on health of developing countries.

  • Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

Impact Factor: 3.392

This monthly journal publishes research, opinions, and materials geared forward epidemiology and public health.

  • New England Journal of Medicine

Impact Factor: 51.658

This journal publishes weekly online and is the most widely read and cited general medical journal in the world.

  • The Journal of the American Medical Association

Impact Factor: 30.01

This widely read medical journal is international in scope and publishes on various aspects of medicine and public health. It’s published weekly.

  • Health Services Resource Journal

Impact Factor: 2.157

This journal publishes bimonthly on topics surrounding healthcare and healthcare improvement.

  • American Journal of Public Health

Impact Factor: 3.930

This journal publishes research, program evaluations, and opinion pieces on public health related matters. The aims of this publication are to contribute to the development of universal coverage, eliminate health disparities, and rebuild public health infrastructure.