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Journals: Looking for a cancer journal to publish in?

The following is a list of peer-reviewed journals we put together that publishes cancer-related research, including research with a behavioral focus.

Cancer Research (2012 impact factor 9.284)

This journal publishes cancer research ranging from molecular and cellular pathobiological aspects of cancer to prevention and epidemiology. It is published biweekly.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute (2012 impact factor 14.336)

This international journal publishes research on a wide range of cancer topics. It is published monthly.

Cancer (2012 impact factor 4.901)

This comprehensive journal is geared towards both medical professionals and cancer prevention researchers from a broad array of disciplines. It is published biweekly.

Research on Aging (2012 impact factor 1.298)

This interdisciplinary journal publishes research in the field of social gerontology. It is published bi-monthly.

Preventive Medicine (2012 Impact factor 3.496)

This monthly journal focuses on applied research in health prevention, publishing articles covering topics such as health education, risk screening, public health planning, and lifestyle related diseases.

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (2012 impact factor 3.392)

This monthly journal publishes research, opinions, and materials geared forward epidemiology and public health.

New England Journal of Medicine (2012 impact factor 51.658)

This widely read medical journal is international in scope and publishes on various aspects of medicine and public health. It’s published weekly.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (2012 impact factor 30.01)

This widely read medical journal is international in scope and publishes on various aspects of medicine and public health. It’s published weekly.

American Journal of Public Health (2012 impact factor 3.930)

This journal publishes research, program evaluations, and opinion pieces on public health related matters. The aims of this publication are to contribute to the development of universal coverage, eliminate health disparities, and rebuild public health infrastructure.

For a comprehensive list of cancer journals, we recommend using the SCImago Journal & Country website at The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a library of journals and country scientific indicators adapted from information in the Scopus database (Elsevier B.V.). This is a relatively user friendly website that allows you to search journals by topic, e.g., oncology, and asses the average number of citations by year, the H index, the number of cites per year, and a variety of other kinds of valuable information about journals that publish research on cancer. allows you to search by cancer type/topic to get rankings and publisher information for a variety of cancer journals.