Research Development Services

Research Team Development

InCHIP’s Research Development team provide a range of services dedicated to helping researchers build connections across UConn, and facilitating the development of innovative, interdisciplinary research programs.
services include:

  • Preparing a list of possible faculty collaborators for a specific research topic or funding opportunity
  • Providing feedback and templates for team management sections for grant proposals
  • Conducting a review of previously funded grants in a research area
  • Coordinating meetings with potential collaborators, and providing required technical support (e.g., conference call lines, video conferencing)
  • Providing team building support, including development of team expectations
  • Promoting research findings on InCHIP website and social media accounts
  • Organizing workshops to develop research collaborations
  • Managing the development of research teams

Targeted Funding Searches

In addition to the weekly funding compilations sent to facutly affiliates, InCHIP’s Research Development Specialist can work with UConn Faculty to build a targeted list of external funding mechanisms. These funding searches can be project-specific or can be based on broad research agendas or career development/training needs.

Funding Databases:

Access Research Development Services:

If you would like to utilize any of the services listed above or have a questions please contact Grace Morris, MA (InCHIP’s Research Development Specialist) at