School and Child Health

Research in school and child health leverages the links between health and education, and engages a collaborative and coordinated approach to improve child outcomes.

School and child health researchers acknowledge the complex and interrelated contributors to child well-being across multiple systems and disciplines. An ecological systems framework guides the work. This ecological lens reflects and values the role and influence of cultural context, healthcare disparities, and social determinants of health on child outcomes.

Research and engaged scholarship in school and child health informs coordinated policy, processes, and practices connected with the 10 components of coordinated school health as shown in Table 1.

Table 1. 10 Components in a
Coordinated School Health Model
Community involvement
Counseling, psychological, and social services
Employee wellness
Family engagement
Health education
Health services
Nutrition environment and services
Physical education and physical activity
Physical environment
Social and emotional climate

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InCHIP School and Child Health Researchers

List of People
Sandra Chafouleas,
Lindsay DiStefano, PhD,
Caitlin Elsaesser,
Kathryn Libal,
Ruth Lucas, PhD,
Amy R. Mobley, PhD,
Marlene Schwartz,