InCHIP’s obesity research seeks multilevel approaches to evaluate and change the individual, social, and environmental factors contributing to our nation’s obesity epidemic. Since the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity has come to UConn, there has been increased work examining public health policies which affect consumer levels of obesity. Examples of obesity research projects include working with parents and pediatricians to address childhood obesity, studying the cultural contexts of health disparities among adolescents, involving spouses or parents in weight loss efforts, and analyzing the impact of food advertisements and public service announcements (PSAs) on child and teen eating habits and weight. Other key projects include the Healthy Food Environments Initiative at UConn, which promotes community-wide approaches to prevent obesity and increase food security through healthy food environments and increased physical activity, and the Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (CPH-NEW) at the UConn Health Center, which designs multifaceted health promotion interventions to improve worker health.

InCHIP Associate Director and Clinical Psychologist Amy Gorin, Ph.D., chairs InCHIP’s Obesity Research Interest Group (ORIG) which brings together researchers and stakeholders from the greater Connecticut community who share a common interest in understanding, preventing, and treating obesity and related co-morbidities. To find more information about InCHIP’s ORIG, please visit our Research Interest Groups page.

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    Interested in sharing ideas and resources with your colleagues in obesity research and even finding a potential collaborator? Subscribe to the Obesity RIG Mailing list by emailing InCHIP ListServ. Then, by mailing UCONN_OBESITY_RIG-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU, you’ll be able to email your fellow obesity researchers at InCHIP all at once and get the conversation started. The listserv allows you to reach InCHIP researchers and members of the Obesity Research Interest Group at UConn, UCHC, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and affiliated community partners.


InCHIP Obesity Researchers

List of People
Nicola Bulled, PhDnicola.bulled@gmail.com
Caitlin Caspi, ScDcaitlin.caspi@uconn.edu
Michelle Cloutier, MDmclouti@connecticutchildrens.org
Valerie B. Duffy, PhD, RDvalerie.duffy@uconn.edu
Ann Ferris, PhD, RDaferris@uchc.edu
Judith Fifield, PhD, RNfifield@nso1.uchc.edu
Meg Gerrard, PhDmeg.gerrard@uconn.edu
Debarchana (Debs) Ghosh, PhDdebarchana.ghosh@uconn.edu
Rick Gibbons, PhDrick.gibbons@uconn.edu
Amy Gorin, PhDamy.gorin@uconn.edu
Blair Johnson, PhDblair.t.johnson@uconn.edu
William Kraemer, PhDkraemer.44@osu.edu
Leah Lessardleah.lessard@uconn.edu
Stephanie Milan, PhDstephanie.milan@uconn.edu
Amy R. Mobley, PhD, RDamy.mobley@uconn.edu
Sherry Pagoto, PhD (Affiliate)
Linda Pescatello, PhD, FACSMlinda.pescatello@uconn.edu
Diane Quinndiane.quinn@uconn.edu
Jason D. Seacat, PhDjs289636@wne.edu
Leslie Snyder, PhDLeslie.Snyder@uconn.edu
Jaci VanHeest, PhDjaci.vanheest@uconn.edu
Ana Volek, PhDana.volek@uconn.edu
Jeff Volek, PhD, RDvolek.1@osu.edu