HIV testing center in South Africa
HIV testing center in South Africa

Much of InCHIP’s work has been conducted in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment research, where InCHIP has its roots. Key areas of focus include understanding the dynamics of HIV risk behavior (e.g., the mediating effects of sexual partner selection, alcohol and other drugs, or food insecurity), creating practical prevention and treatment adherence interventions for at-risk HIV uninfected and HIV-positive populations (e.g., cell phone-delivered counseling), and promoting theoretical and meta-analytic work of existing HIV-related knowledge structures (e.g., attitudes about condom use and sexual risk) and interventions to determine efficacy and behavior change outcomes.

Of particular note, three InCHIP interventions are included in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Compendium of Evidence-Based HIV Behavioral Interventions, which lists the premier interventions developed, implemented, and evaluated in the country to date. They include:

  • Healthy Relationships, a multi-session, group-level HIV risk reduction intervention for people living with HIV (PLWH), which is one of the most widely disseminated HIV prevention interventions in the world.
  • NIA: A Program of Purpose, a video-based, skill-building, small group prevention intervention for heterosexual African-American men living in urban areas.
  • Options/Opciones Project, a healthcare provider-delivered prevention intervention for PLWH who are in clinical care, which has been disseminated broadly throughout the U.S. and Africa since its development in 2000.

Not included in the CDC Compendium, but demonstrated to be effective and disseminated globally in China, Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the U.S., is the InCHIP-led Peer-Driven Intervention that seeks to reduce HIV transmission rates among intravenous drug users by recruiting active users as educators to their peers in HIV prevention interventions and by recruiting peers to attend enhanced HIV prevention services.

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