Dissemination and Implementation Science

InCHIP’s dissemination and implementation research recognizes the increasingly worrying gap between research and practice, and is designed to advance the dissemination and implementation (D&I) of evidence-based practices in health promotion and disease prevention interventions. For example, a recent study led by InCHIP researchers combined a self-sustaining statewide weight loss program with effective behavioral weight control strategies (e.g., weekly multi-media behavioral lessons, computer generated individualized feedback) to improve weight loss outcomes among participants. For more information on D&I practices, please explore the web-based resources listed below. These resources include fact sheets about UConn-developed dissemination-ready health innovations, measurement instruments, archived lecture materials, and the “D&I Measurement Compendium.” The Compendium is a white paper written by InCHIP researchers that provides investigators with a synthesis of validated measurement tools designed to assess D&I-related constructs.


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InCHIP Dissemination and Implementation Science Resources

InCHIP Dissemination and Implementation Science Researchers

List of People
Anjana Bhat, PhDabhat@udel.edu
Stephenie Chaudoir, PhDschaudoir@gmail.com
Deborah Cornman, PhDdeborah.cornman@chip.uconn.edu
Lindsay DiStefano, PhD, ATClindsay.distefano@uconn.edu
Alicia Dugan, PhDadugan@uchc.edu
Deborah Fein, PhDdeborah.fein@uconn.edu
Judith Fifield, PhD, RNfifield@nso1.uchc.edu
Jeffrey Fisher, PhDjeffrey.fisher@uconn.edu
Amy Gorin, PhDamy.gorin@uconn.edu
Seth Kalichman, PhDseth.k@uconn.edu
Wynne E. Norton, PhDwenorton@uab.edu
Roman Shrestha, PhDroman.shrestha@uconn.edu