InCHIP’s work in diabetes research has included the development, implementation, and evaluation of theory-driven diabetes self-care interventions, as well as the complete translation of a proven, intensive lifestyle intervention to a practical, virtual clinical intervention for overweight adults with Type 2 Diabetes. InCHIP researchers are currently working to increase engagement of community pharmacists in the provision of medication and self-management techniques for adults with high blood pressure and diabetes. By identifying, engaging, and training pharmacists to provide medication therapy management, this intervention seeks to extend the applicability of healthcare in the community.

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Thomas Buckley, MPH, RPhthomas.e.buckley@uconn.edu
William Fisherfisher@uwo.ca
Amy Gorin, PhDamy.gorin@uconn.edu
Chandra Osborn, PhD, MPHchandra.osborn@vanderbilt.edu