Alcohol and Substance Use – Draft

Alcohol and Substance Use

Research Focus

InCHIP’s alcohol and substance use research includes, but is not limited to, the development and application of risk reduction interventions for HIV-positive or at-risk populations (e.g., intravenous drug users), college students engaging in hazardous drinking episodes, and adolescents at risk for substance use through exposures to smoking and alcohol cues in mass media. An additional example of InCHIP’s substance use research is our analytic work evaluating the influence of tobacco products’ graphic warning labels on the tobacco use patterns of target populations (e.g., youth and pregnant women).

Alcohol and Substance Use Resources

Alcohol and Substance Use Research Projects Other InCHIP research projects can be found here.

InCHIP Alcohol and Substance Use Researchers

List of People
Robert Broadhead, PhDProfessor Emeritus, Sociology (Affiliate)
Michael M. Copenhaver, PhDProfessor, Allied Health Sciences (Principal Investigator)
Meg Gerrard, PhDResearch Professor, Psychological Sciences (Principal Investigator)
Rick Gibbons, PhDProfessor, Psychological Sciences (Principal Investigator)
Blair Johnson, PhDBoard of Trustees Distinguished Professor, Psychological Sciences (Principal Investigator)
Seth Kalichman, PhDProfessor, Psychological Sciences (Principal Investigator)
Crystal Park, PhDProfessor, Psychological Sciences (Principal Investigator)
Linda Pescatello, PhD, FACSMBoard of Trustees Distinguished Professor, Kinesiology (Principal Investigator)
Jean Schensul, PhDSenior Scientist and Founding Director, Institute for Community Research (Affiliate)
Leslie Snyder, PhDProfessor, Communication (Affiliate)