Yayu Li

Graduate Student, Plant Science and Landscape Architecture (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My current field of study is Environmental Soil Chemistry, and my focus is on soil heavy-metal and radionuclide contamination and remediation. My current work is developing mathematic models to predict the mobility of heavy metals and radionuclides in soils.

I am interested in how the contaminants transport and transform in environments and how they affect human health. I just found the InCHIP program online and found that this program provide lots of resources and information that can be beneficial to my study and knowledge. So I request to join this program.


Bachelor, 2012 June, Environmental science, Huazhong Agriculture University, China;
Master, 2015 June, Environmental science, Huazhong Agriculture University, China;
PhD, 2015 Aug – now, Environmental Soil Chemistry, UCONN.

Featured Publications

[1] Zhao, J., Chen, S., Hu, R., and Li, Y. (2017). Aggregate stability and size distribution of red soils under different land uses integrally regulated by soil organic matter, and iron and aluminum oxides. Soil and Tillage Research 167, 73-79.
[2] Liu, S., Hu, R., Cai, G., Lin, S., Zhao, J., and Li, Y. (2014). The role of UV-B radiation and precipitation on straw decomposition and topsoil C turnover. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 77, 197-202.
[3] Shaaban, M., Peng, Q., Hu R., Lin S., Wu Y., Ullah, B., Zhao J., Liu, S., and Li, Y. (2014). Dissolved Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Mineralization Strongly Affect CO2 Emissions Following Lime Application to Acidic Soil, Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 36, 875-879.
[4] Li, Y., Hu, R., Zhao J., Liu, S., Lin S., Shaaban, M. The effect of solar radiation on soil organic matter stability. (under preparation)
[5] Li, Y., Schulthess, C.P. Strict ion-exchange modeling of cation selective retention on montmorillonite. (under preparation)

Contact Information
Mailing Address1376 Storrs Road
Storrs, CT 06269