Vanessa Smith-Castro, PhD

Professor, Institute for Psychological Research, University of Costa Rica (Affiliate)

Research Overview

I earned my Licenciatura degree in Psychology from the University of Costa Rica and my Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany). I am professor at the School of Psychology and currently Director of the Institute for Psychological Research (IIP) of the University of Costa Rica ( My research interests are social cognitions, intergroup relations, social psychology of health, quantitative research methods and psychometrics.


Dr. rer. nat Philipps University Marburg, Germany 2001

Recent Publications

Selected publications in English:

Smith-Castro, V., Montero-Rojas, E., Moreira-Mora, & T. Zamora-Araya, J.A (under review). Expected and unexpected effects of sexism on women’s mathematics performance, Interamerican Journal of Psychology.
Zamora-Araya, J.A., Montero-Rojas, E., Moreira-Mora, T. & Smith-Castro, V. (under review). Advantages of the Rasch Model over Classical Test Theory for the analysis and interpretation of scales in the affective domain: the case of the Benevolent Sexism Scale. Avances en Psicología Latinoamericana.
Monge-Rojas, R., Fuster-Baraona, T., Garita-Arce, C., Sánchez-López, M., Colon-Ramos, U., Smith-Castro, V. (2017). How Self-Objectification Impacts Physical Activity Among Adolescent Girls in Costa Rica. Journal of Physical Activity and Health. 14(2), 123-129.
Rodríguez-Arauz, G., Ramírez-Esparza, N. & Smith-Castro, V. (2016). Food Attitudes and Well-Being: The Role of Culture. Appetite. 105, 180-188.
Negy, C, Velezmoro, R., Reig-Ferrer, A., Smith-Castro, V. Livia, J. (2016). Parental Influence on Their Adult Children’s Sexual Values: A Multi-National Comparison Between the United States, Spain, Costa Rica, and Perú. Archives of Sexual Behavior. 45 (2), 477-89
Garcia, R.A., Cabeza de Baca, T., Black, C.J., Sotomayor-Peterson, M., Smith-Castro, V., & Figueredo, A.J. (2016). Measures of domain-specific resource allocations in life history strategy: Indicators of a latent common factor or ordered developmental sequence? Journal of Methods and Measurement in the Social Sciences, 7 (1), 23-51.2015
Monge-Rojas, R., Fuster-Baraona, T., Garita, C., Sánchez, M., Smith-Castro, V., Valverde-Cerros, C., Colon-Ramos, U. (2015). The Influence of Gender Stereotypes on Eating Habits Among Costa Rican Adolescents. American journal of health promotion. 29 (5), 303-10.
Cabeza de Baca, T., Sotomayor-Peterson, M., Smith-Castro, V. & Figueredo, A.J. (2014). Contributions of Matrilineal and Patrilineal Kin Alloparental Effort to the Development of Life History Strategies and Patriarchal values: A Cross-Cultural Life History Approach. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 45, 534-554.
Monge-Rojas, R., Fuster-Baraona, T., Garita, C., Sánchez, M., Smith-Castro, V., Valverde-Cerros, C., Colon-Ramos, U. (2014). The Influence of Gender Stereotypes on Eating Habits Among Costa Rican Adolescents. American journal of health promotion. doi: 10.4278/ajhp.130904-QUAL-462
Gladden, P.R., Figueredo, A.J., Andrejzak, D. J., Jones, D.N. & Smith-Castro, V. (2013). Reproductive strategy and sexual conflict: Slow life history strategy Inhibits negative androcentrism. Journal of Methods and Measurement in the Social Sciences, 4 (1), 48-71.
Monge-Rojas, R., Smith-Castro, V., Colón-Ramos, U, Aragón, C. & Herrera-Raven, F. (2013). Psychosocial factors influencing the frequency of fast-food consumption among urban and rural Costa Rican adolescents. Nutrition, 29, 1007-1012.
Rodríguez-Arauz, G., Mealy, M., Smith-Castro, V. & Diplacido, J. (2013). Sex and Sexual Behavior in Costa Rica and the United States. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. 37, 48–57.
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Smith-Castro, V. (2003). Acculturation and psychological adaptation. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

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