Tirelo Modie-Moroka, PhD., MPH

Senior Lecturer, Social Work, University of Botswana (Affiliate)

Research Overview

1. Tirelo Modie-Moroka (PhD., MPH) is an academic, currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Botswana, Department of Social Work. I was a visiting instructor at the Institute of Health Sciences, where I taught theories of health behaviour and behavioural change for 10years (2003-2013). Iam a public health social worker who is broadly-trained in the behavioural and social sciences, and uses this breadth to investigate various dimensions of health behaviour relative to broader social patterns.

2. As a mixed-method researcher and gender development specialist, I have worked on gender issues in several sectors. My studies aim to uncover the psychosocial pathways through which gender inequities lead to adverse health outcomes and health disparities among populations, and to develop and test interventions that promote health and gender equity. My work draws upon theories of social exclusion, participation and empowerment, and social and behavioral change, incorporates ethical analysis, and involves the application of qualitative and quantitative methods. She has conducted research on gender-based power relations and prevention of intimate partner violence, HIV, and other adverse health outcomes and to provide technical assistance for the development, implementation, and evaluation of health and social service programs. I have devoted my career to applied research, using both quantitative and qualitative methods, to design and test the efficacy of prevention interventions among different populations in Botswana.
Within community and behavioural health sciences, I conducted research on gender and physical/mental health, violence as a public health problem, disease and injury in vulnerable populations, sexualities and health, culture, ethnicity and health, cultural constructions of risk within specific communities, cultural and historical definitions of subjectivity, mind/body relations, person hood and life stages, and physical and psychological health within bio medicine as well as alternative healing belief systems.


April 2003: Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work, University of Pittsburgh, USA.
Title of Thesis: Community and Life Stressors, Health-Related Quality of Life and Social Capital: A Study of Low-Income areas in Francistown, Botswana. University of Pittsburgh, 2003, 395 pages; AAT 3111156. ProQuest document ID: 765091911

April, 2003: Masters of Public Health: University of Pittsburgh. USA
(Community and Behavioural Health Sciences)
Title of Thesis: The Social Determinants Perspective in Urban Health: The Case of Francistown

May, 1993:Masters of Science in Social Work, University of Wisconsin, Madison. USA
Title of Thesis: Towards a System of Mental Health Care in Botswana: A Social Work Perspective.

April, 1990: Bachelor of Social Work: University of Botswana.
Title of Thesis: The Psychosocial Experiences of Young Prisoners at Gaborone State Prison.

April, 1987: Diploma in Social Work. University of Botswana

Featured Publications

Modie-Moroka, T. (2015). Intimate Partner Violence and Mental Health Outcomes in Botswana: Implications for Social Work Education and Practice. In Abraham Francis, Paula La Rosa, Lakshmi Sankaran and S. P.Rajeev (2015) Social Work Practice in Mental Health: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Pg. 140-154Allied Publications, New Delhi. ISBN :978-81-8424-958-3

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Contact Information
Mailing AddressUniversity of Botswana
Social Work Department Private Bag 0022
Block 230 Room 203
Gaborone, BOTSWANA