Stephanie M. Mazerolle, PhD, ATC

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology (Affiliate)

Director, Entry-Level Athletic Training Education

Research Overview

Quality of life is a descriptive term that encompasses many facets of an individual’s life including subjective and objective factors. Health, well-being, family and community life, and career/job are most often the aspects included in an individual’s quality of life. Work-life balance is often associated with quality of life, and has been linked to a variety of outcomes including burnout, job satisfaction, professional commitment, health and wellness, and career intentions. One of my earliest publications was the first empirical study identifying concerns related to work-life balance in athletic training. I have continued this research agenda and over the last eight years I have worked to document the factors, which inhibit work-life balance as well as those that facilitate achievement of a balanced lifestyle. My work will continue to focus on work-life balance specifically gathering longitudinal data.

My main focus of research is on work-life balance initiatives, a construct that is directly related to one’s health and well-being. Work-life balance has become a central focus of research as it has many links to career satisfaction, retention in the workforce, and overall life satisfaction. My current and future line of research fits well with InCHIP’s mission, as it is interdisciplinary, involves understanding behaviors and practices related to one’s health and well-being. A social science researcher, my focus and research is aimed at understanding what can be done to help healthcare professionals, athletic trainers in particular develop effective workplace and personal strategies to remain steadfast in their roles as healthcare professionals.


University of Connecticut, BS-Exercise Science/Athletic Training, 2000
Old Dominion University, MSEd, Athletic Training/Science Education, 2002
University of Connecticut, PhD, Sport Management, 2005

Recent Publications

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