Seth McCullock

Graduate Student, Communication (Affiliate)

Research Overview

Broadly, my research interests include assessing and evaluating mediated health campaigns in order to determine what specific attributes can be integrated into interventions to make them as effective as possible. In addition, I’m also interested in message construction and design, as well as persuasion. I’m currently working on a meta-analysis that is comparing health interventions that have used negative affective appeals (primarily disgust and fear) in order to compare which appeal type has greater persuasive efficacy. Preliminary results indicate that fear appeals are more effective than disgust.


Intro to Graduate Research, 2016, Communication, UConn
Interpersonal Communication, 2016, Communication, UConn
Mass Communication Theory, 2016, Communication, UConn
Research Methods, 2017, Communication, UConn
Persuasion Theory & Research, 2017, Communication, UConn
Seminar in Mass Commun Research, 2017, Communication, UConn
Advanced Communication Research Methods, 2017, Communication, UConn
Theory Construction Research Design, 2017, Communication, UConn
Social Media Use and Effects, 2017, Communication, UConn

Contact Information
Mailing Address337 Mansfield Road
Storrs, CT 06269