Roberta R. Friedman, ScM

Public Health Policy Consultant, Private Industry (Affiliate)

Research Overview

University research should influence public policy, but it can only do so if research results are turned into effective policy materials that legislators, regulators, and advocates can use. As Director of Public Policy at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity for over 8 years, I have extensive experience in translating research into local, state, and federal policy on child and adult obesity, sugar-sweetened beverages and taxes, food marketing to children, general food policy, early child nutrition, and other nutrition-related issues. I am now a private consultant, and can work with you to create a policy component for your research grants, collaborate on the development of policy materials (such as briefs, fact sheets, and testimony) that educate policymakers and advocates on your findings, and help incorporate your work into evidence-based policymaking.


BA, Smith College
MSPH, Harvard University School of Public Health

Featured Publications

-Friedman RR Chapter 98: The Role of Advocacy. In Brownell, K.D. and Walsh, B. T., eds. Preventing Obesity. Eating Disorders and Obesity: A Comprehensive Handbook, 3rd Edition.
-Friedman RR, Schwartz MB. Chapter 17. Advocacy and Public Health Policy. In Eyler AA, Chriqui JF, Moreland-Russell S, and Brownson RC, eds. Prevention Policy and Public Health. Oxford University Press, 2016. P. 329.
-Friedman RR, Schwartz MB. Public policy to prevent childhood obesity, and the role of pediatric endocrinologists. Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism.2008;21(8):717-725.
• Ensuring Young Children Grow Up at a Healthy Weight: Policy Opportunities to Prevent Obesity, a Policy Brief, 2016. Child Health and Development Institute of CT, Inc.
• A Roadmap for Successful Sugary Drink Tax Campaigns, 2015. Healthy Food America, Seattle, WA
• Sugar Sweetened Beverage Taxes, an Updated Policy Brief, 2012. Rudd Center
• Weight Bias, a Social Justice Issue, 2012. Rudd Center
• School Food, Opportunities for Improvement, 2009. Rudd Center
• School Wellness Policies, Rudd Report, 2009. Rudd Center
• Menu Labeling in Chain Restaurants, Opportunities for Public Policy, 2008. Rudd Center

Contact Information
Mailing Address191 Glen Parkway
Hamden, CT 06517