Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo, PhD

Research Assistant II, Curriculum and Instruction/Neag School of Education (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My research expertise is in two areas: K-12 education and diverse groups as well as STEM college education and diverse groups. First, I research racial, ethnic, migrant, indigenous, and linguistic minority groups in K–12 education, including their access to health information and school resources. I am finalizing the article “School Employees as Healthcare Facilitators for Multiply-Marginalized Im/migrant Families” to be submitted to Medical Anthropology this year. With a University of South Florida (USF) collaborator, I am actively seeking funding to return to my research site to collect follow up interviews. I also have an article about these families’ language and access to school resources that is under review at Anthropology and Education Quarterly. Along with two collaborators at UConn, I am in the process of applying for grants to further this research. Since 2016, I have been working at UConn on an NSF-supported project on university climate, cultural models, network analysis, and underrepresented women and racial/ethnic minority engineering undergraduates. Previously, I worked on this project out of USF. We will be applying for support to follow our cohort into the workforce in the near future.


2016 Ph.D., Applied Anthropology (Cultural), University of South Florida
2006 M.A., Jr. College Teaching (Sociology), University of South Florida
2004 B.A., Psychology, University of South Florida
2003 A.A., General Studies, Pasco-Hernando State College

Featured Publications

Kersaint, G., Smith, C., Wao, H., MacDonald, G., Lee, R., Skvoretz, J., Reeves, K., Martin, J., Campbell, R., Puccia, E., Ware, J. “Inclusion and Equity of Engineering Diversities: Social Capital, Cultural Models, and Success of Women and Minority Engineering Undergraduates.” Poster presented at Southern Sociological Society 2017 Meeting; March 29–April 1, 2017. Greenville, S.C.

Campbell, R. “Reifying and Resisting Constructions of Race, Ethnicity, and Language at the Elementary School Level in a Nonmetropolitan New Destination.” Presented at Society for Linguistic Anthropology poster session: Constructing others, performing selves: Language, identity, and agency. American Anthropological Association 2015 Meeting. November 17–22, 2015. Denver, CO.

Campbell, R. “Linguistic Borders: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Learning about Linguistic Variation, Language Ideologies, and Identity in School: A Synthesis of Pilot Data for Dissertation Preparation.” Presented at Society for Linguistic Anthropology poster session. American Anthropological Association 2013 Meeting. November 20–24, 2013. Chicago, IL.

Campbell, R. “Analyzing Classroom Discourse: The Construction of (Sub)Standard Speech and Linguistic Variance.” Paper presented at the Minority Education and Community Development session. Society for Applied Anthropology 72nd Meeting. March 27–31, 2012. Baltimore, MD.

Campbell, Rebecca A. Under Review. “Heartland Schools’ Re–formation and Erasure of Language Diversity: Evidence and Implications.” Anthropology and Education Quarterly.

Campbell, Rebecca A. “Applications for Educators in Diverse Settings: Achieving Equity by Reducing Inequality in School Resource Access and Promoting Culturally Responsive School Cultures.” To be submitted to Anthropology and Education Quarterly.

Campbell, Rebecca A. and Heide Castaneda. “School Employees (Migrant Advocates) as Healthcare Access Facilitators in the Florida Heartland.” To be submitted to Medical Anthropology.

Campbell, Rebecca A. “Under–Measuring American Indians in a Rural Florida County: Why Racial and Ethnic Measurements Matter at School.” To be submitted to Anthropology and Education Quarterly.

Campbell, Rebecca A. “The Language of Exclusion: The Impacts of Stereotypes and Jokes about Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Minority Engineering Undergraduates.” To be submitted to Journal of Engineering Education.

Contact Information
Mailing Address249 Glenbrook Road
Unit 3033
Storrs, CT 06269