Patricia J. Neafsey, PhD (Pharmacology)

Professor Emeritus, School of Nursing (Affiliate)

Co-Founder and Principal Scientist, ActualMeds Corp.

Research Overview

Our InCHIP team conducted an NIH R01-funded e-health clinical efficacy trial, “Reducing Adverse Self-medication Behaviors in Older Adults with Hypertension.” In 2009, the University of Connecticut granted an exclusive license for the trial’s PEP-NG software to the AdhereTx Corporation (now ActualMeds Corp.). I am now a Professor Emeritus at UConn and Principal Scientist at ActualMeds Corp. ActualMeds is a health care information technology company focused on providing web-based and mobile solutions to enable team-based medication management and reconciliation for high risk patients at the point of care.


Post doctoral fellow, Tufts University, 1987-1988
Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 1987 (pharmaceutical science)
M.S., Cornell University, 1976 (nutritional biochemistry)
B.S., Cornell University, 1973 (human nutrition)

Recent Publications

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