Patricia Bellamy-Mathis

Assistant Director for Program and Partnerships, Husky Sport

Neag, Educational Leadership

Research Overview

I’m interested in learning more about climate and culture at schools in systemically oppressed areas. Schools in systemically oppressed areas typically have students with higher trauma rates, higher family disfunction, higher overall physical and mental health issues, lower access to resources, lower access to and usage of mental health facilities and a disproportioned ratio of caring adults to students. I’d like to complete a project that gets the voices of the people in the community heard – to hear their perspective on the schools, the neighborhood, policy, family structures and access to resources.


University of Connecticut, Business Administration 11′ – Risk Management & Insurance
University of Connecticut, Master of Social Worker 13′ – Casework


Contact Information
Phone(959) 200-3850
Mailing AddressHusky Sport
249 Glenbrook Rd
Unit 3093
Storrs, CT 06269