Nicole Cruse

Graduate Student, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (Affiliate)

Research Overview

My research focuses on areas of language neuroplasticity after stroke or TBI, more specifically in how narrative discourse seems to operate differently in the brain. Currently, my efforts are focused on learning and further developing virtual reality technology that can be used as a clinical tool to evaluate and rehabilitate executive functioning in individuals who have Traumatic Brain Injury with the ultimate goal of aiding top-down processing targeting discourse. As an affiliate of InChip, I would like to explore ways that Social Media are being used by individuals with communication disorders and their care takers. I believe that research in this growing method of outreach will shed light on needs within this community, specifically in questions, problems, and challenges that they face and take to a media platform to search for help or answers.


BA in English- University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2012
MA in English- Double concentration in Literature and Linguistics- University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2015
Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science- University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2015

Contact Information
Mailing Address55 West Street
Hebron, CT 06248