Nathanael Okpych, PhD

Assistant Professor

School of Social Work

Research Interests

My research focuses on investigating factors that influence the transition to adulthood for young people with foster care histories. I am especially interested in improving secondary and postsecondary education outcomes for foster youth, in terms of increasing rates of college entry and completion. I also study behavioral health and social support among foster youth. I currently serve as the Project Director for the CalYOUTH Study (PI: Mark Courtney), an 8-year evaluation of impact of California’s AB-12 policy. This study draws on state administrative data and a longitudinal study to assess the impact that extending the foster care age limit has on a variety of youth outcomes. Second, I serve as an evaluator to UConn’s First Star program, a partnership with DCF that provides academic and college preparation to high school students in foster care. Along with the program staff and other UConn faculty, we have revamped the measures used to evaluate First Star, administered the new measures this past summer, and are currently analyzing the data. Finally, I am will be applying for funding to launch a new study that investigates the link between avoidant attachment (emotional guardedness, reluctance to utilize support from others) and social network formation for foster youth in college. Currently, I am partnering with a college program in Michigan that serves foster youth (the Seita Scholars program at Western Michigan University) to pilot the survey instrument.

My past research has involved analyzing policies, identifying risk and protective factors, and taking stock of services for youth in foster care. Please see my CV for more details.

A goal of my research is to identify actionable policy and practice levers that will improve health and education outcomes for young people with foster care histories. In keeping with inCHIP’s mission, this program of research is interdisciplinary in nature, straddling the fields of social work, education, psychology, and public policy. It also reflects the diversity in my education (clinical psychology, social work, biostatisics) and professional experience in the areas of social work/psychology (e.g., care coordinator, therapist) and education (e.g., middle school teacher, Upward Bound instructor, college residence hall building director). My research has involved and will continue to involve working collaboratively with scholars from other fields, policy makers, service providers, and other key stakeholders. As a faculty member who is early in his career and new to Connecticut, I look forward to opportunities through inCHIP to connect with other scholars, learn about the local CT contexts, and form research alliances that will move the needle on outcomes for children.


PhD, University of Chicago 2017


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Natheanal Okpych
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