Miriam Valdovinos, PhD

Assistant Professor, Social Work (Affiliate)

Research Overview

Areas of specialization include: interpersonal violence experiences in Latina/o communities; health effects on Latina immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence and their children; healing practices and historical trauma experiences in Latina/o communities; interpersonal relationships of undocumented immigrant youth and issues of social belonging and social exclusion. I have also done work pertaining to global health issues and Peruvian journalist and media stakeholders to better inform viewers about health prevention through media outlets.


B.A. Psychology (2002) Cal State University, Fullerton
M.A. Experimental Psychology (2008) Cal State University, Fullerton
Graduate Certificate (2013) University of Washington: Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
PhD Social Welfare (2016) University of Washington: School of Social Work

Featured Publications

Valdovinos, M., & Mechanic, M. B. (June 2016). Sexual coercion in marriage: Narrative accounts of abused Latinas. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work. DOI: 10.1080/15313204.2016.1177804

Tabb, K., Huang, H., Valdovinos, M., Toor, R., Ostler, T., Hageman, E., Menezos, P., & Faisal-Cury, A. (under review, July 2016). Intimate partner violence is associated with suicidality among low-income post-partum Brazilian women. Journal of Women’s Health.

Valdovinos, M. G., Alania, K., Bayer, A., & Garcia, P. (under review, July 2016). A systematic review of a decade of research (2005-2015) on health-related training programs for journalists. Journal of Health Communication.

Valdovinos, M. G., & Mechanic, M. B. (in progress). Mothering amidst the abuse: Exploring the parenting experiences of Latina domestic violence survivors. Violence against Women.

Contact Information
Mailing Address1798 Asylum Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117