Miao Bai

Assistant Professor


Operations and Information Management

Research Interests

My primary research interest is to leverage mathematical optimization, machine learning, and data analytics to develop analytical and algorithmic solutions for complex problems in healthcare systems and medicine. My recent research has focused on problems related to operations management and medical decision making. My work on stochastic surgical scheduling addressed open challenges about recovery resource constraints and real-time schedule adjustment. I have developed novel reinforcement learning methods for real-time management of patient flow in Radiology practice at Mayo Clinic. I am also collaborating with medical physicists and radiation oncologists at Mayo Clinic to use predictive analytics and machine learning for medical decision making in prostate cancer treatments.


Ph.D., Lehigh University, 2017

Recent Publications

1. M. Bai, M.Y. Sir, K.S. Pasupathy, Pattern-based Surgical Capacity Planning, Journal of Biomedical Informatics, Vol 94, 2019.

2. M. Bai, R.H. Storer, G.L. Tonkay, A Sample Gradient-based Algorithm for Multiple-OR and PACU Surgery Scheduling, IISE Transactions, Vol. 49, Issue 4, pp 367-380, 2017.

3. M. Bai, K. Gergelis, M. Sir, T. Whitaker, D. Routman, B. Stish, B. Davis, T. Pisansky, R. Choo, Treatment Plan Evaluation for Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy Based on Patient-reported Outcomes, under revision

4. M. Bai, R.H. Storer, G.L. Tonkay, Surgery Sequencing and Scheduling in Multiple ORs with PACU Constraints, under revision

5. M. Bai, R.H. Storer, G.L. Tonkay, T.E. Theman, Effectiveness of Surgical Scheduling Optimization: a Reinvestigation under the To-Follow Practice and Perioperative Uncertainties, under revision

6. M. Bai, B. Berg, E.S. Sir, M.Y. Sir, Priority-based Templating for Outpatient Specialty Practices, under revision

7. M. Bai, M.Y. Sir, K.S. Pasupathy, Patient-centered Surgery Scheduling in the Spine Surgery Practice at Mayo Clinic, under revision

8. M. Bai, B. Guven, M.Y. Sir, K.S. Pasupathy, A Novel Approach for Capacity Assessment of Nursing Bay Resources in Radiology, under revision

Contact Information
Phone(860) 486-2408
Mailing AddressSchool of Business, OPIM Dept 2100 Hillside Road, U1041 Storrs, CT 06269 United States